Recruiting a headhunter

Headhunter is another name for a recruiter and they are the ones that are hired by a firm to locate individuals that meet the requirements for the job opening that the firm has. They are often hired to find individuals to fill positions for jobs that require offer a high salary or require a high level of skills. This helps save the firm time sorting through applications or giving interviews to find the individual who meets their requirements. In other words, using a headhunter helps to weed out all the individuals who are not qualified for the position that is open and saves the firm time. While it may take a headhunter a week to find the right individual, it could take the firm several months. Qualified individuals for these highly skilled and highly paid jobs will often recruit a headhunter to help them find these jobs instead of waiting for a headhunter to seek them out. If you seek out and secure their services, you will generally pay their typical fee, which can range from twenty to thirty-three percent of your first years salary.

When you recruit a headhunter there are things that you should do to help ensure your success in finding the right job for the skills you have and the salary you deserve.

• Work with a headhunter that specializes in your skill set and industry. Most often, they will only work in a specific field such as engineering, human resources, finance, etc.
• Build a relationship with them that is transparent and open. It can be beneficial to work with multiple headhunters at the same time but you need to be careful that more than one submits your resume to the same company.
• Headhunters will generally conduct a careful interview to find out your job skills and if you are working they will ask why you want to leave your current job. You should also take the time to interview them. You should inquire whether they have or have not placed candidates with your experience level and background. If they are working for a particular company or companies what openings are they currently working to fill. You should also ask them to give you a general time frame of when they will find a job for you. You can also ask them if they mind if you work another recruiter while working for them.
• Make sure that your resume is perfect and stands out above all others. If you are not sure how to write a great resume hire a resume writer. Sometimes a resume can secure the job for you or cause you to not get the job.

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